We are IKBrokers, a new approach to consultancy

The finance and energy sectors are going through a period of radical changes. Volatile markets, disruptive new technology and the upsetting of old market paradigms require new professional know-how that goes beyond what traditional consulting firms can offer.


Our commitment is to provide support for our clients as they make decisions and develop their business. We focus our full attention on solving their problems and helping their business grow as rapidly as possible with the lowest possible market costs. Indeed, our professionals are aware of the need for economic efficiency as well as of the need for make-or-buy decisions with regard to all project resources (human, technological, material or immaterial).


We also believe that scientific and technological progress go hand in hand with business development. We have overturned the classic consulting schemes to guarantee the allocation of the best consulting resources for each project.

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Consulting_ikbrokersTARGETED CONSULTANCY

We offer targeted consulting in specific sectors provided entirely by professionals with elevated seniority. Every project team is designed for optimal resource allocation.


We integrate business with the latest in cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art advances.

Consulting_ikbrokersKNOWLEDGE TRANSFER

We have the support of a dedicated network of 8000+ professionals, including the best business professionals, technology specialists and internationally known scientists.

We are active in the following sectors:

We work with major oil, gas and utility companies, airlines, banks, private trading houses and industrial firms across a number of global locations in the following areas:

  • Energy, Commodity Trading & Risk Management
  • Quantitative, Algorithmic Trading, HFT
  • Analytical & Quantitative development
  • Banking and Investment Management
  • FinTech, DataTech and Industry 4.0 Technology integration
  • Business Organization and Change Management
  • Corporate Multilingual Communication for the Financial and Energy business