Training for excellence

We offer varied training programs, tailored to the specific needs of our clients:

  • Closed-door training programs and company workshops
  • Ongoing support for the company and professional tutoring
  • Bootcamps and crash courses for executives and business professionals
  • Organization of seminars for professional networking and client origination
  • Design of talent development programmes



training equant

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Our tutors

Our tutors are specifically selected to meet the unique features of each training request and based on the client’s objectives (business rotation, continuous professional education, business development and integration).
Tutors include top professionals with several years of business experience working as specialists, technologists, business integrators, as well as internationally known scientists with an elevated impact factor score in international scientific journals.

Our specializations

We operate in the following sectors:

  • Energy, Commodity Trading & Risk Management
  • Quantitative, Algorithmic Trading, HFT
  • Quantitative Analysis and Analytics
  • Banking and Credit Risk Management
  • FinTech, TradeTech and DataTech
  • Business Organization and Change Management
  • Asset Management and Portfolio Management
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