A systematic approach for recruiting

The disruption of new technologies and business functions is changing the way of developing business.
At the same time the way candidates and talents are looking for jobs is changing.
Top professionals do not longer apply for positions on job boards or share their CV. Specialized recruiting in emerging markets is switching into a market intelligence function.

We stand out from the competition

With a global professional network of over 10,000 professionals, IKBrokers is the ideal partner for the targeted selection of resources and talents.
Our recruiters and researchers use the latest data mining techniques to source the best talents on the market for the talent seeker.

  • Selection of the best talents on the market from a dedicated network of professionals
  • Social recruiting campaigns optimized with our Artificial Intelligence tool set
  • Targeted search of material experts in the sector, never generalists
  • No middle man involved, we have direct access to the pool of professionals
  • Flexible pricing for pre-selection, search and objective identification
  • Dedicated consulting for recruiting talent with various placement options (full-time, part-time, outsourcing) in order to ensure the maximum benefit from the investment
  • Young Professional talent pooling for company HR cost optimization

talent pooling process


Businessman pressing modern social buttons on a virtual backgrou

Talent acquisition

We work with major oil, gas and utility companies, banks, private trading houses and consulting firms across a number of global locations.
We focus on front office, physical and financial trading, sales, analytics, consulting, finance, risk management, credit, middle office, operations and logistics, back office and C/ETRM areas and the latest Tech developments in the following sectors:

  • Energy, Commodity Trading & Risk Management
  • Quantitative, Algorithmic Trading, HFT
  • Credit Risk Management
  • FinTech, TradeTech and DataTech
  • Startup technologists

To know more about our talent pooling services, send us a mail to info@ikbrokers.com

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