consulting scheme

Traditional consulting companies allocate on average one senior resource to report on project progress for every 3-4 junior consultants. This approach lower the average team experience and increase the expected project delivery time.

By relying on Knowledge Brokers – high level specialists in vertical business sectors who manage wide-ranging business, technological and scientific knowledge out of a wide network of professionals – IKBrokers allocates specialized resources in every area of the project.

The final result is a more efficient project delivery (low cost – quicker delivery) per capital invested.

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Traditional Consulting Company


Senior General Consultant + Jr. Consultants

  • Average expertise on your problem = slower delivery
  • Salary paid in any case $$/Day
  • Final project cost $$$$/Day
  • General Expertise on your problem
  • $$$$$ High Costs, Pay the name and the “Box of People”

industry knowledge brokers


Selected Knowledge Broker + Specialists

  • High expertise on your problem = Fast delivery
  • Salary alligned to experience $$/Day
  • Final project cost $$/Day
  • Tailored Expertise
  • $$$ Lower Costs, pay the expertise
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