Linking research and industry

The world of research and industry too often do speak different languages and have different goals.
Our knowledge and technology brokers are keen to overturn the conventional paradigms of business and research to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurial culture within firms and research institutions.

Science and Business integration

While the academic and research communities remain focused at times on the scientific production, on the other hand the short-term industry objectives affect the achievement of technological and scientific state-of-the-art. These constraints strongly affect the firms’ business competitiveness on the medium and long term.
Our knowledge and technology brokers come from research careers in the world top ranked universities, as well as from management positions in the main firms of our target sectors. This cross-cutting expertise is a unique asset for Science2Business projects aiming to achieve business objectives through innovation.
Liaise with us for any challenging project requiring the following services:

  • Analysis, design and financing support of industry research integration and scientific development programs with universities
  • Development and maintenance of technological and scientific state-of-the-art through the collaboration with centers of excellence
  • Design of tailored training programmes for the industry-end scientific upgrade (Science2Business) and for the science-end business integration (Business2Science)
  • Talent pooling and organization of cross-cutting resources (PhDs, Post-docs, MBAs) with mixed science and business competences
  • Open innovation programmes development
  • Market research for new, prospect market targets and “blue oceans”
  • Design, development, partnerships facilitation and finance support for national and transnational projects under the European Union framework programmes (Erasmus, Horizon 2020)
  • Supporting services and facilities in applied experimental research
  • Supporting services, facilities and grants in High Performance Computing (HPC) centers for applied numerical and computational research


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We work in the following sectors:

  • Banking, Finance and Hedge Fund research
  • Financial Engineering
  • Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Internet of Things
  • Oil & gas, E&P, exploration technologies
  • Smart power systems, renewable energy and storage technologies
  • Transportation
  • Experimental and Numerical Fluid Dynamics
  • Numerical and quantitative applied research

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