FinTech and DataTech revolution

The financial and digital industries are experiencing a phase of radical changes. Disruption of emerging technologies into financial services is pushing FinTech investments into a mega-trend.
The market is witnessing the disruption of novel service providers, filling a gap for millennials customers’ needs and re-shaping the future of finance.

FinTech investment advisory:

We monitor a wide portfolio of start-ups and have strategic relationships with companies in the FinTech and TradeTech sectors.
We assist interested parties in investing, partnering with or acquiring digital companies.
By using a systematic and analytical approach we address our partners throughout every stages, from seeding to buy-out.

Project development

Our managed community of Finance, Quants and IT professionals is the competitive edge required to deliver complex projects in digitalization, FinTech and TradeTech development.
Our aim is to integrate seamlessly the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies into your business or organization, to optimize resources in order to generate outperforming results against your competitors.

FinTech venture builders:

We support like-minded investors to design FinTech services from scratch and rapidly transform Venture Capital into prototypes of viable products ready to marketing. IKBrokers venture production studio – unlike incubators and accelerators – do not rely on the seeding of business ideas ending with an investor day.
The scientific and technological excellence of our network enable an efficient venture building process that evolve through a combination of start-up developments, shared resources and direct previous business exposure.
We provide Technology access by internal teams (Finance and Trading gurus, engineers, advisors, business developers, sales managers, etc.) whose focus is simply the process of consistent start-up creation, built using an interdisciplinary body and an inventive, yet highly effective infrastructure.

venture builder line

Digitalization Strategy and Transformation

We work at the intersection of Finance, Technology and Innovation and we are aware of the great challenge posed by digital transformation.
By understanding the digital transformation trends, we aim to creating a strategic digital strategy to your business or organization and planning its transformation, from people to processes and infrastructure.

Our approach to digitalization goes as follows:

  • Digital services benchmarking and gap-analysis
  • Analysis of business models
  • Products/Services localization
  • Leads & Revenue generation
  • Regulations & Licensing consultancy
  • Leads & Revenue generation
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Project development
  • Strategic Networking and Marketing through our class of AI enhanced services




Artificial Intelligence enhanced services

A new generation of flexible Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning enhanced solutions